System Application Program Interface

By the year 2025, there will be around 75 billion IoT devices worldwide. While these devices certainly increase our convenience, they are also an easy target for hackers.

Our TrustSentinel™ TSS 2.0 System API (SAPI) is the first commercially available middleware that can be used to simplify communications with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). It provides a standardized interface for any Internet of Things (IoT) device that uses TPM chip. This is a simple and elegant solution for developers who don't have the time to create and maintain their own interface.  The TrustSentinel TSS 2.0 does not require a hardware developer to have intricate knowledge of the internal functionality of the TPM. 

OnBoard Security® currently offer the only commercially-supported TSS.  We fully test our TSS.  We run multiple positive and negative tests on the TSS to ensure effective functioning. We also test with all hardware TPM vendors and test on Windows, Linux, and Raspbian. The System API layer appeals to customers who need the smallest memory footprint.  Our customer success team would be able to assist you with your specific needs to determine the right API for your application.