For the Internet of Things

The Toughest Security Challenge Yet: The Internet of Things

There are more than twice as many things connected to the internet than there are people on this planet. Because this technology is constantly changing and advancing, security can be a challenge. Our expertise has always been at the forefront of software security and we constantly evolve to build our core strengths and methodologies to address the complexities of traditional and embedded platforms.

Whether the challenge is a connected video, critical infrastructure, intelligent cities, or voting machines we have the breadth and depth of skills to take a structured and holistic approach to the threats, vulnerabilities and remediation alternatives.

Our Approach to IoT includes:

  • Understanding the environment and architecture of the system or systems under test
  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicle security expertise
  • Trusted Computing implementation consultation
  • Crypto implementation consultation, including Secure Multiparty Computation and Block Chain security

Our Experience with IoT includes:

  • Development of our own IoT security products such as TrustSentinel™ TSS 2.0 and Aerolink™ Communications Security libraries
  • Communication security design for IEEE 802.15.3 ultra wide-band networking
  • Biometric matching weakness evaluation for large organizations
  • Secure replication design for leading provider of mobile databases
  • Voting machine hardening
  • Securing critical components of the intelligent grid for multiple enterprise customers
  • Assessment of hardware security modules for a large automotive supplier

    Our Expertise is Delivered through:

    • Secure embedded design services including the capture of requirements, usage models and performance requirements and the selecting the appropriate protocols and algorithms and support policies.
    • Software and code testing for source code, run-time or black-box
    • Customized, proprietary or standard analysis tools and manual penetration testing
    • Vulnerability assessments based on unintended application behavior
    • Secure Development Lifecycle Gap Analyses
    • The OnBoard Security Threat Model Analysis (TMA)
    • Crypto implementation consultation and remediation services