How to Implement Trusted Platforms and EcoSystems

Attendees learn about the changes to TSS to make use much easier and more efficient, how to start developing applications and resources. Use cases including key storage and software measurement will be addressed along with strong device identity and authentication. Using the TPM and TSS for health monitoring also is discussed. 

How to Use the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for Trust and Security

This webcast reviews basic trust concepts, key TPM attributes and functions, the new library specification including newly added features, and how the TPM is used in specific applications. The implementation of the TPM in mobile, embedded and IoT devices is also addressed.

Security For Connected Vehicles:  Successes and Challenges

This webcast is a deep insight into the future of Connected Vehicle technology from Dr. William Whyte, the editor of the IEEE 1609.2 V2X security standard.  

The NSA and the Quantum Computing Threat

This webinar describes what the NSA announcement meant, what solutions are available today to protect against quantum attacks, how a Quantum Safe Hybrid approach might be right for your company.