Simplifying TPM Integration

Our leadership in the development and implementation of trusted platform software continues to help computer manufacturers and hardware integrators secure their systems. We make this happen by integrating cryptographic keys as part of a robust hardware root-of-trust platform strategy.

Hardware and software developers have two options. They can either write their own interfaces to the TPM hardware, which can be complex and hard to maintain or they can use the OnBoard Security stack; a faster, cheaper and fully supported alternative.

Our Trusted Computing Group Software Stack (TSS) is middleware that provides the core interface and security services framework for any application relying on the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Unlike other products, our TSS software provides a direct interface to any TCG-compliant TPM chip, allowing your applications to continue to function regardless of the TPM vendor.

Many organizations, including the US Department of Defense are mandating the use of TPM-capable devices for device identification, authentication, encryption, measurement, and device integrity. Companies using the OnBoard Security TSS include Dell, ATMEL, Nuvoton, ST Microelectronics and Broadcom. We are also an influential member of the Trusted Platform Group (TPG).

TSS Software Features

  • Complies with TCG TSS 1.2 specifications
  • Support for TSS 2.0 coming soon and Automotive TPM after the hardware specification is published
  • Features robust modular design enables the addition of custom functionality
  • Supports application defined security policies to meet the needs of the end user
  • Protects authorization data within the local process
  • Contains thread-safe design
  • Designed for portability with support for Windows 7 & 8, Vista, XP, Android and Linux kernel versions 2.6 and higher. TSS 2.0 will also support Windows 10

Industry Standard Cryptographic Services

  • RSA Encrypt/Decrypt OAEP
  • RSA Encrypt/Decrypt RSAES PKCS v1.5
  • RSA Sign/Verify RSA SSA PKCS1 v1.5