NTRU Challenge

Calling all Cryptographers!

OnBoard Security is pleased to present the NTRU Challenge, which has been created to increase the world's understanding of the shortest vector problem in NTRU lattices, and to encourage and stimulate further research in the security analysis of NTRU-based cryptosystems. We hope it will provide additional information to users of NTRU public-key cryptosystems to help them select suitable key lengths for a desired level of security. 

The Challenge is to compute the NTRU private keys from the given list of public keys and associated system parameters.This is the type of problem a hacker faces who wishes to defeat an NTRU-based cryptosystem. There will be several challenges comprised of a number of security levels, some of which can be solved in a day, some in a few months and some which are considered to be computationally intractable.  

Over $90,000 in Potential Cash Prizes!

The first correct submission for each NTRU Challenge will receive the following prizes.

  • NTRU Challenge N=107 through N=211 (11 Challenges total) - Prize of $1,000 for each Challenge
  • NTRU Challenge N=227 through N=401 (16 Challenges total) - Prize of $5,000 for each Challenge
  • NTRU Hall of Fame - Innovative and Unique solutions may be chosen for the NTRU Hall of Fame and a trip to a major Cryptography Conference, including Airfare, Hotel and Conference Registration fees