NTRU Challenge

The NTRU Challenge is now over

OnBoard Security created the NTRU Challenge to increase the world's understanding of the shortest vector problem in NTRU lattices, and to encourage and stimulate further research in the security analysis of NTRU-based cryptosystems. It has provided additional information to users of NTRU public-key cryptosystems to help them select suitable key lengths for a desired level of security.  It has also shown that NTRU is secure from attacks when proper security levels are implemented.  

The Challenge was to compute the NTRU private keys from the given list of public keys and associated system parameters.  This is the type of problem a hacker faces who wishes to defeat an NTRU-based cryptosystem. There were several challenges comprised of a number of security levels, some of which could be solved in a day, some in a few months and some which were computationally intractable.   Over the 3 years of the NTRU Challenge, only the 7 lowest level challenges were completed, all of which are well below our recommended security levels.  

Thank you to everyone who attempted the NTRU Challenge.