NTRU Post Quantum Cryptography

Quantum-Safe, Standardized Crypto

Now is the time to address the elephant in the server room. Both RSA and ECC are vulnerable to quantum computing attacks and the availability of practical quantum computers is approaching faster than previously believed. Organizations interested in maintaining their current embedded cryptographic choices but want to immediately future-proof against quantum attacks are embracing our Quantum Safe Hybrid (QSH) approach.

NTRU is a lattice-based public key cryptosystem and the most thoroughly researched and widely implemented alternative to RSA and ECC. It supports encryption, decryption, and signing. Not only faster and smaller than RSA and ECC, NTRU is the leading choice for organizations recognizing the need to protect themselves against the looming threat of Quantum Computing attacks. NTRU is an IEEE 1363.1 and X9.98 financial services standard.

NTRU-based algorithms have been submitted for NIST post quantum cryptography standardization.  Details can be found here.

Advantages of NTRU Cryptography



  • Tiny compiled code (8 kb)
  • Consumes minimal CPU and battery resources
  • Ideal for all environments, but particularly well suited for embedded and mobile devices where code size is a major limitation
  • Significantly reduces server utilization for large-scale deployments
performance increases


  • Highest performing public key cryptography
  • Decryption is more than 92x faster than RSA decryption at an equivalent security level
  • NTRU is nearly 60% faster than RSA at encryption and TLS with a 370 times improvement in key generation time
  • Encryption and decryption are faster than the best-performing ECC algorithms at equivalent security levels.
quantum-safe hybrid


  • Accomplishes TLS authentication and key negotiation by combining today’s classic cryptography with NTRU quantum-safe cryptography, ensuring the best of both worlds
  • Parallel implementation allows for benefits of NTRU on top of existing crypto infrastructure with a negligible performance penalty.
Prevents data harvest attacks


  • Protects information that needs to remain secret for many years by keeping encrypted traffic from being recorded and warehoused today and decrypted when quantum computers are available
  • Ideal for systems that have long lifecycles or can’t be updated easily

Licensing Options

  • NTRU and pqNTRUsign are available under a free Open Source GNU General Public License (GPL) v2 with FOSS exceptions for other licenses. Open source GPL v2 code allows for scrutiny GitHub.com/NTRUOpenSourceProject
  • A commercial license is required for revenue-producing applications using our patented signing algorithms, including pqNTRUsign. Reasonable licensing terms are available.
  • NTRUEncrypt can now be used for free without a license.