Learn about Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Security

What is V2X Communication?

As automotive security becomes more advanced, you may have heard the term V2X Communications mentioned. Check out our short video on what it is and how we're involved!

What is a Connected Car?

A connected car is a car equipped with internet access and usually also with a wireless local area network. For example, cars with bluetooth capabilities are considered connected vehicles because they use a wireless connection to connect a device to the vehicle. Vehicles with internet radio, navigation, and automotive system diagnostics are also considered connected vehicles and are features many new cars now have.

How Are Hackers Attacking Cars?

We've hacked a self-driving vehicle with a simple laser pointer. You may have also heard about the scenario when (during a controlled situation), hackers shut off a car's engine in the middle of the highway. More commonly, someone may try to use your navigation system to track your location or fool your keyless entry system into unlocking your car. While these situations may not always be malicious, these scenarios are very real and under certain situations could be dangerous.

How Does Aerolink Help Protect You?

OnBoard Security's Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications security library protects connected cars from hackers and drivers from being tracked.  This short video explains the functionality of the world's leading V2X security library.

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