Past Events

We at OnBoard Security are always excited to engage with the community and share knowledge. Here are a few of the events our experts presented at:

China Automotive Security Summit: 25th January

The third eye for autonomous cars- Assurance of secure V2X capabilities and use cases

Presenter: Ryan Wu

IEEE 4th World Forum on IoT: 5th to 8th February

Locking Down and Re-Using V2X Security - Lessons for Smart Cities

Presenter: Drew van Duren

IEEE Connected and Automated Vehicle Summit: 8th February

Securing Connected and Automated Vehicles

Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Petit

9th ETSI ITS: 6th March

C-ITS deployment

Presenter: Dr. William Whyte

China Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS Summit: 29th March 

Security protection strategy of Intelligent connected vehicle communication based on IEEE1609.2 standard

Presenter: Ryan Wu

ST Microelectronics: 10th April

Trusted Platform Module

Presenter: Ryan Wu

Australasian Conference on Information Security and Privacy: 17th April

Practical Signatures from the Partial Fourier Recovery Problem Revisited: A Provably-Secure and Gaussian-Distributed Construction

Presenter: Zhenfei Zhang

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Conference: 30th April

Secure Drone-to-X Communications

Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Petit and Drew Van Duren

Sensors Expo & Conference: 28th June 

Securing the Vulnerable IoT

Presenter: Lee Wilson

Automated Vehicle Symposium: 7th July 

Cybersecurity of Automated Vehicles Ecosystem

Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Petit

Quantum-Safe Communications (Post Quantum Cryptography): 17th July

Some Recent Advances in Quantum-Safe Security

Presenter: Jeffrey Hoffstein

Infineon Workshop in Asia Pacific: 17th July

Easy Implementation Security

Presenter: Ryan Wu

BlackHat Conference: 8th August 

V2X Validation Tool

Presenter: Raashid Ansari

WPI Summer School: 20-21st August

IEEE VTS Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Petit

IEEE 88th Vehicular Technology Conference: 27-30th August

Pearson Correlation Analysis for Misbehavior Detection in VANET

Presenter: Prinkle Sharma, PhD candidate at UMass Dartmouth