Why OnBoard Security?

About OnBoard Security

In February 2017, Security Innovation announced its intention to create OnBoard Security from its Embedded Security Division.   OnBoard Security has emerged, in recent years, as a leading provider to the Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) security, trusted computing and advanced cryptography markets. 

We will continue to be the security expert that car makers, PC manufacturers, cryptographers and IoT companies have admired and trusted for years.  As an independent company, we will intensify the already laser-like focus on our niche products and global customers while accelerating the new research and development needed to continue delivering innovation and thought leadership.

OnBoard Security is privately held and headquartered in Wilmington, MA USA

Why OnBoard Security?

For over 10 years, the world-renowned experts at OnBoard Security have been pioneering technologies that protect the Internet of Things, now and for the future.  We address three significant challenges; ensuring the security and privacy of connected vehicles, making hardware roots of trust easy to use, and avoiding the existential threat from quantum computers to the integrity of the internet. OnBoard Security was created to help automotive and IoT organizations stay ahead of the curve through superior cybersecurity.  

Our Expertise

OnBoard Security’s team is made up of some of the leading security experts in their field.  We don’t just follow the security standards, we help create them.  We leverage their knowledge to make our innovative and efficient security products.  Often times, we are solving threats before our customers realize they exist.  By using our market-leading products and services, our customers stay ahead of the curve in security.