Security Innovation Speaking at Automotive Sensors and Electronics Expo 2015

Security Innovation is Presenting on the Dependent Relationship Between Security and Sensors.

May 14, 2015 - Security Innovation, an authority in automotive and software security, announced today that it will be participating at Automotive Sensors and Electronics Expo 2015, May 20-21, 2015. The Automotive Sensors and Electronics Expo brings together leading experts in automotive sensors and electronics who will discuss a wide range of business and technology issues, ongoing trends, and emerging applications.

Mark Peters, Security Innovation’s Director of Automotive Business Development, will present a talk on the dependent relationship between security and sensors.

Topic: Secure at Any Speed: Intelligent Sensors Need Intelligent Security
Date/Time: May 21st at 9:20 am
Talk Details: The roles of sensors are expanding and the volumes increasing dramatically as the automotive industry continues to move forward with advancements in ADAS, ultimately leading to the goal of autonomous vehicles. Even the definition of a sensor is changing with the increased intelligence being integrated into the new devices. What was once a full system (for example, a vision system) is now referred to as a sensor input (for example, a camera) as part of the sensor fusion needed to support autonomous vehicles. These new sensors will be capable of generating vast amounts of data, and this data can be used for more than just running your vehicle. With the increased intelligence and connectivity of today's sensors comes the need to address security and privacy of the data coming from those devices. This talk will explore why security is important, what level of security makes sense, and how to approach it in the system development phase.

"As automotive technology advances, so does the need for an increased understanding of cybersecurity. Sensors are becoming more critical in the modern car, and it is up to us, as innovators, to secure them in order to ensure their reliability and security,” said Pete Samson, Vice President of Embedded Security, Security Innovation.

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Other talks to highlight for the show include:

  • Sensors for ADAS applications: market trends and projections
  • Towards autonomous driving: ADAS sensor fusion and redundancy
  • The impact of regulations on automotive sensors

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