Security Innovation Weighs in on IoT Security at MIT’s Connected Things 2016

Security Innovation Weighs in on IoT Security at MIT's Connected Things 2016

April 5, 2016 – Dr. William Whyte, Chief Scientist for Security Innovation, a cybersecurity provider and leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Training, will be speaking on a panel at MIT’s Connected Things Enterprise Form 2016 in Cambridge, MA.

Connected Things 2016 has assembled leading innovators and market leaders to discuss the state of IoT as it is being deployed today in healthcare, smart cities, retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics and other industries. Critical issues such as device security and media and marketing will also be addressed.

At the conference Dr. Whyte will be joined by the President and CEO of SecureRF and the President of Sypris Electronics to discuss all things IoT and their impact on security in a panel entitled, "Internet of Things Security Gets Real." Spamming refrigerators may be a scary (if strange) notion, but the real stakes on the Internet of Things are much higher than a messaging app run amok. As researchers have already demonstrated: lives, public safety and our economy are all potential casualties of indiscriminate or targeted attacks on connected devices and critical infrastructure. And these attacks aren’t merely hypothetical. Actual cyber kinetic attacks are already on the books. This panel of experts and practitioners in the security of embedded systems and critical infrastructure will take the measure of existing cyber kinetic incidents and attacks and talk about best practices for securing IoT environments from attacks and disruption. 

“In today’s technology-driven world, more and more of our everyday devices are connected to the cloud. While this certainly makes our lives easier, individuals and organizations alike should be thinking about the associated security ramifications.”

William Whyte is chair of the IEEE 1363 Working Group for new standards in public key cryptography and has served as technical editor of two published IEEE standards, IEEE Std 1363.1-2008 and IEEE Std 1609.2-2006, as well as the ASC X9 standard X9.98. Before joining Security Innovation, he was the Chief Technology Officer of NTRU Cryptosystems. He previously served as Senior Cryptographer with Baltimore Technologies in Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Whyte holds a PhD from Oxford University on Statistical Mechanics of Neural Networks and a B.A. from Trinity College.

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Industry leaders are already harvesting billions in revenue on Connected Products. The market is here, and according to the analysts, it’s only going to grow. The goal of last year’s conference was to bring clarity to a topic where there is still a lot of uncertainty. This year, we’re getting real with IoT and focusing on what’s real and happening today – at scale – with IoT. To learn more, visit