OnBoard Security Accelerates the Implementation of Trusted Computing with the release of TrustSentinel TSS 2.0

December 19, 2017

OnBoard Security™ today announced the release of TrustSentinel TSS 2.0, the first commercially available middleware for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0.

TrustSentinel makes it easier for software developers to build secure applications by providing an easy-to-use Enhanced System API (ESAPI) that abstracts the low-level TPM functions, allowing developers to implement rock-solid security without the need to understand the complexities of the TPM environment. 

The TPM and related TCG Software Stack (TSS) are hardware and software specifications developed by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), a consortium of semiconductor and equipment vendors, that significantly improves the security of any computing platform through an inviolable root of trust.

“The commercial and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) market is exploding,” explained Gene Carter, VP of Products for OnBoard Security.  “TrustSentinel TSS 2.0, along with the latest generation of TPM chips, will help secure those IoT devices, ensuring the Integrity and Trustworthiness of the IoT ecosystem.  We are a leader in the TCG group and helped create the standards, so our customers know that we have implemented a secure solution.”

“OnBoard Security has a rich history of providing security middleware for TPMs and we are excited about the impact of TrustSentinel,” said Peter Samson, President of OnBoard Security.  “Our customers know that our software is secure, efficient, exhaustively tested and well supported.”

TrustSentinel TSS 2.0 is available for Windows and Linux and tested for both positive and negative scenarios with TPM hardware from Infineon, ST and Nuvoton.  Concurrent with this release, OnBoard Security is also making available a Beta version of the TrustSentinel Systems API (SAPI) which is being targeted at the security needs of deeply embedded devices.