OnBoard Security Announces Validation Tool for Secure V2X Communications


OnBoard Security®, a leading provider of Connected and Autonomous vehicle security solutions, announces their latest product, the Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Validation Tool, which facilitates penetration testing of automotive Onboard and Road Side Units used to improve the safety of connected vehicles. The V2X Validation Tool is compatible with the majority of V2X equipment.

“OnBoard Security has conducted research in the field of connected and automated vehicles for more than a decade,” said Dr. Jonathan Petit, Senior Director of Research. “The industry needs a tool to quantitatively and qualitatively assess the threats on V2X and our Validation Tool fills that gap. We are excited to launch a product that furthers our ability to deliver more value to our clients and the drivers that will rely on them.”

OnBoard Security has a long history of research and consulting in the connected and autonomous vehicle market. Dr. William Whyte, OnBoard Security’s Chief Technology Officer, is the technical editor of the IEEE 1609.2 V2X security standard and has consulted on a number of connected vehicle projects for car makers, equipment suppliers and government agencies.

The V2X Validation Tool made its debut at the recent BlackHat Conference. OnBoard Security is currently demonstrating it to key customers and partners.

Learn more about the V2X Validation Tool by OnBoard Security at https://www.onboardsecurity.com/products/aerolink/v2x-validation-tool