Internship Program

Internships are key to building experience as a student or recent graduate. At OnBoard Security® we dedicate our time to train our interns and help them get an enriching and knowledgeable experience that lets them stay ahead of the curve. 

2018 Interns

Research Interns


Ahmed, who joined us for the second year in a row as a research intern is very excited to continue his work on the V2X Validation Tool. He is a Computer Science Master's candidate at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and is expected to graduate in March 2019. 
With a bachelor's and a master's degree in Electronics and Electrical Communication from Cairo University, Ahmed is passionate about all things tech. His bachelor's capstone project in software-defined radio (SDR) won the "Best Graduation Project in Telecommunication" at the IEEE 2010 Egyptian Engineering Day. He uses his SDR experience to develop the V2X Validation Tool here at Onboard Security. 
For Ahmed, learning does not stop at his university. His passion for self-driving cars inspired him to obtain a Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree from Udacity. In his free time, you can find him on the soccer field with his friends, spending time outdoors, and trying out different restaurants every weekend. 


Ryan is a junior at Boston University (BU) majoring in Computer engineering. His passion for engineering helped him secure a research assistant position earlier in his freshman year. He has had some very impressive experiences, such as presenting at the SSS2017 conference as well as becoming a TA for a graduate level class in his sophomore year. 
Ryan's love for research and particular interests in networking and cyber security made him a perfect addition to the OnBoard Security's research team where he worked on the DSRC Validation Tool project. In his free time, Ryan enjoys the outdoors, especially the mountains. 


Mehmet Sinan inci is a PhD student and research assistant at Vernam Lab at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA. His work is focused on deep learning, side-channel attacks, cryptography and cloud security. At OnBoard Security, Mehmet assisted the research team by working on the V2V communication safety. 
Under Dr. Kumar's supervision, he performed various tasks such as the efficient implementation of garbled circuits, performance benchmarking and cloud deployment. The focus of his work is writing a high-performance garbled circuit library (in C) with the state-of-the-art algorithmic optimizations. 


Prinkle received Master's degree in Computer and Information Science from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, in August 2016. She is furthering her education at the same university and pursuing her Ph.D. in cybersecurity, networks and artificial intelligence. She has been working on securing the wireless communications in autonomous vehicles by applying Artificial Intelligence since 2016. Her work at On Board Security focused on applying machine and deep learning for misbehavior detection in Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication. 
In her words, "On board Security is one of the prime leaders and innovative places to work at when it comes to automotive security". She believes that the experiences that she gained as an intern are some that she will take with her for the rest of her career. Her work on connected vehicles safety was published in IEEE Xplore Innovation Spotlight 2018. Along with her research, she has been working as a Teaching Assistant to grads and undergrads with courses related to cyber and network security, embedded systems, and C programming since 2016. She loves exploring beaches and mountains, and spend her time in nature photography, biking, kayaking, and more. 


Steven graduated Cum Laude at University of Massachusetts Amherst, with Departmental Honors in Electrical Engineering and as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar with Greatest Distinction. He is pursuing his Master's Degree at Boston University (BU) in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and is excepted to gradaute in 2019. 
During his internship at OnBoard Security he worked on the misbehavior prevention system. Under Dr. Petit's guidance his paper on misbehavior detection using machine learning was accepted to present at IEEE ICMLA. His passion for security and machine learning made him an ideal candidate at OnBoard Security. At BU he is a research assistant in the Laboratory of Networking and Information Systems (NISLAB). Steven sets a high standard for his quality of work and has a very practical approach to solving all types of engineering problems. 

Engineering Intern


Chris attends the College of the Holy Cross, where he will graduate in 2019 with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and a minor in Statistics. While he has experimented with app development and graphics programs, Chris has always had an interest in cryptography. Through his internship with the Engineering team at OnBoard Security, he had the opportunity to learn about the details of the different hardware platforms for Aerolink implementation. In addition, Chris learned how Aerolink interacts with those platforms to secure Vehicle-to- Everything (V2X) communication. 
This knowledge aided Chris' success in implementing an utility for Autotalks' Craton 2 V2X Processor that allows for the convenient generation of public/private key pairs. He also worked on a procedure for testing the validity of geographic permissions in a digital certificate. Chris continues to foster his knowledge of cryptology with the help of the amazing staff at On Board Security. Outside of the office, you can often find Chris at Barnes and Noble. 

Marketing Intern


Sriyaa, our marketing intern for the summer graduated Cum Laude from University Of New Hampshire (UNH) in May 2018. Her experience in content creation, social media, digital marketing and market research made her a good fit for this role. 
At OnBoard Security she used various tools such as HubSpot CRM, Google Analytics, Creative Cloud, etc., to increase traffic on the website and awareness about the products and services. Occasionally, she also dabbled with video and audio production, to create mutlimedia content. She possesses knowledge of the digital media landscape, including various social media sites and contributed to website redesign projects, monitoring and posting on biogs and social networks. She also assisted in increasing the participation rate of online outreach and promotion. "It is very rewarding to work at a start-up like OnBoard Security; you have a chance to engage in several different sub-fields within your intrest and develop a well rounded knowledge of the profession." With a passion for tech and she is interested in creating a rapport with the customers instead of simply selling the products.